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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hat Making Challenge by Milliners of Etsy

The Milliners of Etsy has organised another hat challenge and I'm mighty excited about it. More so than the last challenge where I made a saucer hat.

For the second round, the theme is Avant Garde + Sea.  The reason for my over brimming excitement is that one of the gal has gotten Richard Nylon to be the Judge. I have always find Nylon's work refreshing and cutting edge. His style is also what I like, more Brits than Aussie, at least, that's what I find it to be. Besides Stephen Jones, I like his work best.  So how can I not be excited over this challenge?

My original idea is a turban hat. The folds and pleats symbolise the waves and I will add lots of bushy stuff to represent sea grass.

But draping the turban was not as easy as it seems and I regretted not asking my African friend to teach me fold a lady turban hat before I left London. Anyway, this idea was abandoned as I google, I saw a turban hat similar to what I had envisaged earlier.

She was a 1920-30s Hollywood silent movie star - Anna May Wong. This turban is too close to what I planned and no way will I make this hat as it may seems that I have copied. One down.

My next big idea was to use wire & ribbons to make faux coral reefs and  attach them to a base.  I am running out of time and did not want to spend unnecessary time experimenting. Two down.

Then I decided to make a GIANT coral flower using silk. It was too much like a flower and not a coral. Two night sitting beside a hotplate curling silk petals .... electricity bill probably will be very high the next billing month.

With not much time left, I am still undecided what I want to do. I know most of the gals have ordered materials, drew their sketches and some have started. I have not done anything of those.

With Avant Garde theme, I do not want to make something that is silly in the end. I want the sea theme to be subtle, not explicit like sew a giant octopus and add seashells, seaweed....etc. That may be lovely to look at but will be more appropriate for costume. I want to design a wearable hat that you and I will not be afraid to wear out.

Yes, I think PT's lobster hat for Isabella Blow and Lady GaGa is visually stunning but it's not for us mere mortals.
Lady Gaga in PT's Lobster hat
PT's muse, Isabella Blow, wearing the 'famous' original Lobster Hat 

And I am not Philip Treacy. If I make a sotong (squid) hat or up one level, a geoduck {pronounced as gooey duck} hat, will I win the challenge and be famous?
Geoduck, some kind of shellfish. I can't eat it simply because I have looked at it. Eating this is vile.

So what will I do? All will be unveil in 3 weeks time. Good night.

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