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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have you been to Red Dot Museum?

On 12 August, I attended MAAD's (market for artists and designers) first night event. I have been setting up a stall and selling my designs at MAAD since 2009 but never have I seen such a big turnout.

Here's a look at my table or rather suitcase.

I didn't carry many items as I did not know if I have enough space. My friend came well-prepared. 

Irene (smiling broadly) sells bags using fabrics from Japan. You can catch her work here. She carries a huge selection of pretty fabrics that she source personally whenever she goes back to Japan. You can choose the fabrics and she will make the bag for you. I like her bags as they are well-structured. 

The OIC (Organisation of Illustrators Singapore) attracts a large crowd as usual. 

Two of the presidential hopeful was spotted at MAAD. Dr Tony Tan was the first to arrive. Well, he was my 'ex-boss' when he was the Minister of Education back in Kay Siang Road days. He had a bodyguard with him, and an entourage of photographers.

What do we have in common? No, not the glasses nor hair. We had the same pose - hands behind. Coincidence? {Updated on 28 August 2011: Dr Tony Tan was voted in to become Singapore's 7th President on 27 August 2011}

Later in the night, another presidential hopeful, Mr Tan Jee Say was spotted. I hardly know him but he came across as easy-going, unassuming and witty. 

What do Mr Tan Jee Say and I have in common in this photo? We have a pen each on our tops....

If you have never been to Red Dot Museum (where MAAD is), you should. The next MAAD event is on 9 Sept (Fri) 5pm to 12 midnight. It's the school holidays and I am going to be there again. It will be less stressful for me as I need not rush off from school to reach there and start setup at 3pm.

Here's a Tupperware display that I like:

If you are free on 9 Sep, do drop by at Red Dot Museum.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

MAAD 1st Art and Design Night Festival on 12 August

Market of Artists and Designers (MAAD) has undergone a change in their format. No longer opening on the 1st weekend of the month, it is now once a month and happening at night. Mark the date - 12 August 2011 (Fri), 6pm to 12 midnight.

For updates, join them at facebook.

I think it is an achievement that MAAD has 'sustained' 5 long years in Singapore. Many markets come and go and it's diFFicult especially for one which promotes only original works by independent artists and designers. Yet despite been around for five years, I still hear people referring MAAD as a flea market.  Yo dork!... , can't these people distinguish the differences between a flea market and MAAD? To set the record straight, here's what I have taken from MAAD:


MAAD is the Market of Artists And Designers. It is a monthly Friday night celebration of local creativity at the red dot design museum. It is a platform to sell, gather feedback, test market or just to create awareness on your creative endeavours. We welcome:

1. Original works such as art, design and cra f t
2. Creative services like photography, design and even architecture
3. Performance such as local bands, launch of indie albums or sneak previews of your next theatre play
4. Exhibitions such as art installation, photography, any other creative projects.


Artists, designers, architects, craft makers, illustrators photographers, performer, song writers, musicians, singer or anyone with a creative passion can participate to show your work of love.


The next MAAD is on the 12th August 2011, Friday 5 p.m. to 12 midnight.


It is held at the red dot design museum, 28 maxwell road, red dot traffic building. it is just 3 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

So with this rebranding, I hope you can pop by on 12 August to join us and support Made-In-Sg.